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BROKEN HOPE - Mutilated And Assimilated

Производитель/поставщик: Century Media


Стилистика: Death Metal

Год выпуска: 2017

Трек лист:

CD-1 The Meek Shall Inherit Shit

CD-2 The Bunker

CD-3 Mutilated And Assimilated

CD-4 Outback Incest Clan

CD-5 Malicious Meatholes

CD-6 Blast Frozen

CD-7 The Necropants

CD-8 The Carrion Eaters

CD-9 Russian Sleep Experiment

CD-10 Hell’s Handpuppets

CD-11 Beneath Antarctic Ice

CD-12 Swamped-In Gorehog – S.I.G. 25th Anniversary Tribute

Live At Obscene Extreme 2015

DVD-1 The Dead Half

DVD-2 Womb Of Horrors

DVD-3 The Docking Dead

DVD-4 Dilation And Extraction

DVD-5 Grind Box

DVD-6 Into The Necrosphere

DVD-7 Gorehog

DVD-8 Predacious Poltergeist

DVD-9 Swamped In Gore

DVD-10 I Am God

DVD-11 Felching Vampires