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AMON AMARTH - The Pursuit Of Vikings (25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm)

Производитель/поставщик: Metal Blade Records

Формат: Blu-ray+CD

Стилистика: Melodic Metal

Год выпуска: 2018

Трек лист:

The Pursuit Of Vikings (25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm)

BD-1.1 Warriors Of The North

BD-1.2 Dawn’s First Light

BD-1.3 First Kill

BD-1.4 Valkyries Ride

BD-1.5 Viking Hearts

BD-1.6 Versus The World

BD-1.7 Runes To A Memory

BD-1.8 The Viking Way

BD-1.9 Riffs Of The Blackbirds

BD-1.10 A Dream That Could Actually Be

BD-1.11 Coming Of The Tide

Live At Summer Breeze: The Movie

BD-2.1 The Pursuits Of Vikings

BD-2.2 As Loke Falls

BD-2.3 First Kill

BD-2.4 The Way Of Vikings

BD-2.5 At Dawn’s First Light

BD-2.6 Cry Of The Blackbirds

BD-2.7 Deceiver Of The Gods

BD-2.8 Destroyer Of The Universe

BD-2.9 Death In Fire

BD-2.10 Father Of The Wolf

BD-2.11 Runes To My Memory

BD-2.12 War Of The Gods

BD-2.13 Raise Your Horns

BD-2.14 A Dream That Cannot Be

BD-2.15 Guardians Of Asgaard

BD-2.16 Twilight Of The Thunder God

Live At The Summer Breeze: The Album

CD-1 The Pursuit Of Vikings

CD-2 As Loke Falls

CD-3 First Kill

CD-4 The Way Of Vikings

CD-5 At Dawn’s First Light

CD-6 Cry Of The Blackbirds

CD-7 Deceiver Of The Gods

CD-8 Destroyer Of The Universe

CD-9 Death In Fire

CD-10 Father Of The Wolf

CD-11 Runes To My Memory

CD-12 War Of The Gods

CD-13 Raise Your Horns

CD-14 A Dream That Cannot Be

CD-15 Guardians Of Asgaard

CD-16 Twilight Of The Thunder God